The cycling-paws

Four hands and four paws

Besides the three of us, there are a handful of friends who support us in many ways and help in the background with the fundraising and emotional support. We thank them very much for that!

Madox (the paw)

The good fluffy soul

Madox is a French bulldog and our heart on four paws. He has been with us for over 9 years now. His bike trips so far have been limited to small trips to the local rivers when the weather was good, as he still prefers to explore his world on foot.

Madox has significantly influenced our views on the importance of animal welfare.


the golden heart

Sandy has been committed to animal welfare for a long time and supports a wide variety of animal aid projects. For her, every life counts, and she will drop everything if she has to. Truly the golden heart in our team.

Andrej (is cycling)

the cyclist

Andrej is a passionate cyclist and has been out and about with his bike for a few days or weeks for many years. Often split in two because he has to leave his little furry friend Madox at home, but with Sandy by his side he can do it with a clear conscience (but with a heavy heart).