At least 1 Swiss franc to local animal protection, for every kilometre cycled

Animal welfare in Switzerland and local animal protection

In Switzerland, there is the Swiss Animal Welfare umbrella organization STS, which comprises 71 Swiss animal welfare organizations and the Liechtenstein Animal Welfare Association. You can learn more about the umbrella organisation by clicking on this link.

Please note: Animal welfare organizations in Switzerland are not subsidized by the state and therefore heavily depend on donations.

The Aargau Animal Welfare Association ATs is one of more than 20 sections under the Swiss Animal Welfare Federation STS. The ATs is committed to the welfare of animals in the local area of the canton of Aargau. With the donations from, we directly support the Aargau Animal Welfare Association ATs.

The Donation-Tour for ATs

For the ATs, I cycle to the northernmost end of Europe, which can be reached by bicycle. In doing so, I cover around 4600 kilometres. For more details on the tour, check out the section 2023 Switzerland - Norway.

Will we manage to raise at least one Swiss franc per kilometre cycled for animal welfare together? Find out and follow us on Instagram!

Crowdfunding on

Our donations are collected via the crowdfunding platform is a commitment of the banking institution Raiffeisen and operates the donation platform in a charitable sense and provides the service for project starters and supporters free of charge. Raiffeisen does not deduct any fees or commissions from the donations.

By using, we ensure that our project is recognized and published on an official platform - every Swiss franc donated goes directly to the supported animal welfare organization!